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Hawai'i Powered - Clean Energy for Hawai'i, by Hawai'i

Hawaiian Electric

Step 1: Explore the renewable energy zones

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Hawaii Powered: Power Up!

Hawaiian Electric is actively planning Hawaii’s clean energy future and we need your help. Explore the Renewable Energy Zones map, pick your energy priority and share this opportunity with others.

Provide your input in 7 minutes or less!

Power Up: Projects

Explore the Renewable Energy Zone map and add comments. Your input will help us better understand communities across the islands.

Select an island
Explain why and how the three currently-selected islands were chosen. Provide some additional information.

Examples opportunities:

Which areas could be successful sites?
  • Available land/property
  • Access to existing energy grid
  • Vacant buildings/property
  • Co-location possibilities

Examples challenges:

Which areas would be most challenging?
  • Steep terrain
  • Sensitive species
  • Cultural sensitivities
  • New or planned construction
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture

Use the actions here to add new comments, view existing comments, and adjust map layers. Please refrain from using profanity, offensive or inappropriate comments are subject to removal.

Map Data

The initial REZ information developed with NREL focuses on Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu. For more information, visit

Demographics Questions (Optional):


Map information coming soon

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